Friday, August 3, 2012

Unified Udevi Symfony2 Plugin for NetBeans 7.2


I’ve recently created the unified Udevi Symfony2 Plugin that contains both File Templates plugin as well as Code Templates plugin. This plugin is made for new version of NetBeans - 7.2. It passed the validation today so you can install it directly from NetBeans. Go to Tools –> Plugins –> Available plugins. You might need to update plugins info, so it will contain the latest list of validated plugins.


The content of the plugin remained the same, just uniting 2 templates content. The current statistic is

chart_1 (1)

In the previous table I counted number of days that this extension is published in the NetBeans Plugins Center until today. So 2.5 downloads per day isn’t so bad I would say. Probably Symfony2 and NetBeans are a good combination and a lot of people know it. But 5.5 per day is definitely better. I guess now when it is validated in Plugins Center it will sustain current number of downloads per day


I would like to give a shout to first and I hope not the last person making 5 pull requests in total for those 2 plugins:

   Smeagol07     -       Thank you very much I hope that with the input of the community I will improve the quality of the product into something much bigger, than it is today.


I would also like to thank NetBeans team, because their 7.2 version has a higher performance than the previous version and made my plugin run much faster without lots of time for processing.

I’d also like to hear from you what else would you like to improve in your day to day job with Symfony2 and NetBeans and who knows may be I will be able to fulfill your expectations.

the bad part

While File templates are working fine, the code templates are not completely working, the only code templates that are working are for php editor, example action template, and others. First the code templates for Twig editor don’t work, I’ll see what I can do with it. Second the code completions for with doctrine annotations are not working, probably because for now I set them as a php documentor templates, may be I’ll need to set them as a php code templates.

The code source is here:

If you have any questions or suggestions please share them in comments, it will be great to know what you’re thinking about it.

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  1. I have been using this with 7.3 beta and it works fine. Have you tried validating with 7.3?