Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Support my feature request for WebMatrix: Possibility to add new file templates

Hello guys,

I used several time WebMatrix for the development using ASP.NET Web Pages, a lot lighter web technology than ASP.NET MVC. Recently I wanted to use WebMatrix 2 to learn Node.js development. Now there is a view engine in Node.js that is called JsHtml. JsHtml is a Razor-like view-engine that can be used with node.js or Express (node.js based Sinatra-like framework). Now back to the point: I saw that files with *.jshtml extension get no highlighting, though it should be similar with *.cshtml or *.vbhtml. I thought that may be I can create an extension for WebMatrix which will somehow call the highlighting engine. Another point would be creating specific JsHTML file template.
But it isn't restricted only to that. It creates and extension point in a free Microsoft product which is used by beginner devs or someone who wants to start playing with NodeJS a little bit.

Actually why I am telling you all these, I created a feature request at WebMatrix UserVoice: Possibility to add new file templates and I voted for it. You can maximum give 3 votes to a feature. Please vote for this feature too, it is important. I would really like these features to get in the top of requested features and than implemented in the final version of WebMatrix 2.

Plus I think these feature can be useful also for .NET devs and I hope you will support this feature request. Thank you.