Monday, August 15, 2011

Attendance sample application in PlayFramework – Part 1


Recently I found out a new Java framework which actually suck less than Java overall I think, because it uses the same kind of system as Rails in Ruby.

For now I won’t go in too much details, but if you’d like to see the bootstrapping process for a project, and how to integrate with Secure module from PlayFramework, Attendance app, the application I’m doing for my buddy Teejay from Nigeria, is a good example.

I've showed in this podcast how to create a sample PlayFramework application. Import a new site template into it, create a User model, import Secure module from PlayFramework and add authentication to the app. Set up the default database to MySQL.
Created sample Attendance page, and played with Groovy templates a little bit.
In the second part I will continue to work on Attendance page, and admin part.


Hope soon the second part of the application will be available too.

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