Monday, February 28, 2011

I hate Java #2: ClassNotFoundException ?! – Tomcat deployment

At least once per day I have this problem with Tomcat and Eclipse.

I have a library declared in my pom.xml but Tomcat strangely enough doesn’t deploy it, and at deploy I have this ClassNotFoundException, the problem is that sometimes when the stars are not arranged in one line Tomcat doesn’t deploy all the libraries into its webapps/{PROJECT_NAME} (deployment folder) folder.


Why ? I don’t know but I know instead how to solve it. First of all stop the server, remove all the apps from it. 


Click “Finish”.


Make a Tomcat clean.


After the clean is finished add  removed apps back to Tomcat and run the server.

As you can see I don’t have the problem now.


Another one why I hate Java, and yes it isn’t related to Java itself but to it environment, but still I don’t fee much happier about it. This shouldn’t be like this, guys. Dear clients, take a look at IIS. Do you see something like that ? No ? Than why do I still have to choose Java ?

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