Friday, October 23, 2009

Windows 7 officially released today + Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is available


Windows 7



since the Vista “nightmare” begun, the end-users, Microsoft customers and general client in software development had fear passing multimillion companies to Vista, and after all why XP is bad? What made Vista so bug full ?

The answer is evident. In windows Vista Microsoft tried to do something very different that they were doing before. With the power of WPF, and a lot of other new features for Windows, as Sidebar for example with all those gadgets, came the possibility to make bugs, because then people try something new, at first it is not really an ideal thing.

That is why most costumers continued to stay on XP and Microsoft was obliged in a way to make the SP3 for Windows XP. At the same time another team was working on Windows Vista SP1, which eliminated most problems. But these people seem to forget that we had 3 Service packs for XP and the original version was far from ideal too.

But as clients were already disappointed they were actively refusing to accept Vista as a default OS on their computers, and Microsoft in a year started to develop the new brand Windows 7, which was labeled lately Windows Heaven. :)

Windows 7 in comparison with Vista and even XP SP3 is:

Faster loading, more responsive, more intuitive and much more compatible + ideal on 64 bits machines. You will fall in love with this OS, and I think it is the release which will make people forget about Vista, and try to create with it better quality software. Anyway the future year will show us all the improvements that can be done on Windows 7, because nothing is really ideal. 

And it is already released today! So from now on I will also be publishing tips for Windows 7. Hope that you will grab your copy in next months. And by the way here is the link for the requirements for Windows 7.

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

While a lot of us, .NET developers still try to learn all the features from the framework and .NET 3.5 in general, because as one man said

Framework big, brain small :)

.NET 4.0 is coming out, which a whole new bunch of features and possibilities and a new IDE: Visual Studio 2010 is coming out and bringing with it a lot of goodies. And first what I appreciated was the new look of Visual Studio

The new design plus a lot of different new features of Visual Studio 2010, I won’t describe them but I will give you the starting points

So go and check Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 right now, because the RTM is announced on March 22, 2010. And we’ll have some time to play with Beta 2.

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