Monday, October 12, 2009

Tips 003: Integrating Google Chrome with Delicious and Evernote and other cool tools


Hi,I use Google Chrome a lot and also I am already used with such beautiful tools which make my life easier and more structured :). One of those tools are Delicious bookmarks and Evernote notes. I use them almost everywhere.

I can talk hours about the worth of both of these tools, but I think about making a special series about useful tools in our life, I will definitely write about Evernote. So enough about that.


  • Now to test it, select something on a webpage and click on this bookmark.

  • So what do you need to do is just login into Evernote and everything selected will be saved as a note.



Delicious in another cool app which will take care about your bookmarks. You can add tags, description, title to have the possibility to search through all your bookmarks using one of these attributes.

The annoying thing was that you would usually use the web site of the Delicious. What’s why I always liked the add-ons to Firefox and IE from Delicious it permitted me to use a shortcut to bookmark a website directly in Delicious system.

That’s why I missed it so much in Chrome.

  • Here you should find a very nice description how you can add 2 Delicious bookmarklets in Chrome. Just a simple drag-n-drop opperation will make it for you. Now you can see on your Chrome bookmarks bar these 2 buttons.


That’s the way to add some more functionality to Chrome while surfing the web with the great speed of JavaScript loading, that it’s offering. I love this browser and I think we could give it even more functionality.

If you know any other apps which can be used with Chrome as well or have any ideas, words to share, please leave a comment.


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