Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tip 002: Thumbnails not showing in Vista, Pictures folder

Hi, once in a while we all have this thing which seems to be a kinda sick problem, because nobody knows how to deal with it, and more nobody have ever seen or heard about things like that. There was this guy calling me and saying that he has this kinda crazy problem, he had a lot of photos, but the thumbnails didn't show up no matter what the poor guy was doing about it, just ordinary Vista icon for the image was shown (like mountains or something like that). First I was thinking that he has some hidden file where all the thumbnails info should be (something like Thumbnails.db in XP), which should deleted and than creating it one more time. But this wasn't the case. What it turned out to be is a simple option in Tools menu: Tools -> Folder Options -> View tab -> Advanced settings -> Files and Folders section, the check box "Always show icons, never thumbnails" should be unchecked. Because if it is checked, then you'll always see icons instead of thumbnails, and this refers not only to photos but to all kind of files like PDF or video files. So be aware of this option. See ya!

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