Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Udevi C# courses: Udev'itRight

I decided to start C# begginers courses online.
I'll cover 3 main branches of applications:
1. Desktop app (console, WinForms, WPF)
2. Web apps (ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight)
3. Mobile Apps (Windows Mobile)
and the course itself will consist in writting 3 different applications:
1st app - Green Application - will be a simple app, which will be made by 2 of us, me and my student. Here I'm gonna try to put the basics of real project knowledges like team work, versionning source code software, code comments, bugtracking and also try to put my student to work. I mean really... put his brain in action, get some logical stuff to do.
2nd app - Yellow Application will be more complicated so my student could progress and dive into Programming wolrd himself. But any student may need some help in DEV process, so i'm gonna just give him some advices, may be directions. The yellow level can really permit it. The application itself will have more functional stuff than green app had. Plus it will have a technique to learn as a bonus (it is just a plan for now so let it be a little secret)
3rd app - Red application - the highest level of complexity (for begginers), no chance to ask me for an advice, it will be the work of the student itself. Nice bussiness apps with clean functionality, without bugs, with commented code and a series of tests runned over this code. That's what I call the highest level of quality. I know that will be some persons who just won't make it. But that's ok... at least you've tried it and you will know your errors: what was done wrong, where you should pay more attention. Because this is really what we are doing, helping people to get experience.
So i'm gonna try to combine more persons (5-6) in a team. And work individually and in team with these persons. Aproximate period of courses duration is 4-5 months. 2 times a week for 2 hours each time.
You need to have skype and Mikogo installed.
I'll covering a wide range of subjects.
So if you want to join you should put a comment to this post and give me some details so I could contact you. Or just email me at
P.S. I am thinking now about improvements to Frank Car System, so if you have some thoughts about that you can comment that post as well.

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