Monday, March 16, 2009

What is Udevi Community?

Ok, first of all what it's all about? Where from this funny name comes ? Udevi = U + dev + i = You can develop it! And the idea behind that is - we know you can do it, we know you can do a great app. And it doesn't matter the language in which you write, Python, Perl, Java, C# or Scala, and it doesn't matter the technology you are using or the application's level you are trying to build. You can develop it! You can do a simple calculator in Java or a big desktop app enabling rich user experience using JavaFX, or you can do the same thing using C# and WPF. What really matters in programming world is experience. You need to get up and realize that you can read lots of books and understand how everything underneath your code is working, but the theoretical knowledge isn't equal or doesn't compare with practical experience. While practicing, your skills become more and more sharpen, and you become more and more good at what you're supposed to be... a programmer, a developer which really can apply his vast amount of knowledge, and experience(!) to create, design, develop, produce an application/script/test/web page/etc. Ok, and what is this community about? Well, here is the most interesting point. We are trying to simulate real production environment and offer you the possibility to design an application from alpha to the release version, with all the iterations which you can see in real world: specs, conversation with clients, use cases, declaring bugs, resolving issues, trying to figure what you really want to do, talking with your team leader, creating points to discuss something specific. This is the simulation of the real world. And we do it for free, you will do it for experience, all your projects are yours, we won't use the results of these projects for our own sake. We will represent the clients, and the team leaders, you will try to make everything to match the specs. We might be able to help you, if you're:
  • a novice in programming world
  • a student which doesn't really knows how to make his first app
  • a guy trying to make something using a new technology
  • a person which has an idea, but who doesn't know how to do it
Well, and what do i need to do to apply? You need to:
  • Have a regular e-mail address (by this I mean an address where you check your mail often enough to communicate)
  • Have an IRC client (like mIRC)/ICQ/Yahoo! messenger/Skype for chating
  • Willing to achieve experience and work.
  • Have an established schedule, when you can work, when we can talk, when every kind of question could be addressed
When can I start?
  • You can start today if you want to (and I bet you want it).
  • We will be respecting your schedule and please respect ours.
I need to know more details. To find more details or to put a question contact me at or put a comment here.

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